Wednesday, October 29, 2008


*WARNING* the following is a rant on canceling college classes. *WARNING*

This has happened to me like five times now, I go to class early in the morning (today I was up at 5:30) in order to get a ride in because it will be too cold to bike. Not all day mind you, but just in the morning. If my first class was canceled I could sleep in and then ride-in in-time for class. So I get up, check my emails (in case my class is canceled, that way I would be able to go back to bed), see that there is nothing there, and get ready for class. I get there a few hours before class starts because I had to get a ride in, so I study for a while, get on the computers and check the DioM forums for PMs, my facebook account for messages, and here for comments. And now I get to class and there is this little sign on the door that says. HEY, SUCKER! YOUR CLASS HAS BEEN CANCELED, TO BAD YOU HAD TO COME IN SO EARLY. HAHA!!

Ok, so maybe it doesn't use those words, but now I have to wait longer (I go back to the computer lab and find out that I did get an email saying that the class is canceled, 30 minutes AFTER I got to school. Now I'm pissed, why didn't they send it 45 minutes earlier, I checked them again right before I left, just in case this happened. Now not only do I have to wait, but since all of my books together are so heavy, I didn't being any others, since I could study the ones I had with me (enough for the time I had, but not much more. But now I have at least 1 more hour to burn, and now I don't get that nice break from studying (called class), so it feels like 3.

So I'm not in the mood to study, so I get on the computer and play around on facebook, some AE games, and the DioM forums. Now I get off that 1.5-2 hours later and I have ALLOT of studying to do, and not much time to do it. Now I can manage that, but I know that I have other things that I need to study when I get home so I don't want to push my self too hard and then have no motivation left for the stuff that I need to do.

So at the end of the day, I was less productive than if I had been in class and I feel ticked and over tired from getting up so stink'n early.

Now imaging if this happens to you a twice in a three day period (ok, one of them was my fault, he had it canceled on the syllabus, I just forgot to look at that...). Now you begin to see where I'm coming from.

[note] I realize that there are good reasons that this happened, my prof for the class today is sick, and it must be a bug that's going around because some of my other teachers have canceled class for the same reason. But it still irks me. Just a little [/note]

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