Friday, October 24, 2008

funny translator

lol! I was lurking around on facebook and found the facebook trannslator... it even translates into pirate! YARRRRR! it's hillarious to see that so-and-so scrawled on another person's plank, or that someone sent you a message in a bottle...

I'm going to co-op in a few minutes, and we get to play basketball there, and then it's off to school for chem class, then I get home, and then turn a round and go back to church (that's where co-op is) to pick up some of my cousins so that we can watch them over the weekend while their parrents are out of town.

other than, that... I don't think there is anything else much new, I got 100 percent on a quiz in econ, and I didn't ever study exsept for 5 minutes before the quiz.

1 comment:

  1. The Facebook language setter is awesome! I set mine to French for a while to impress my French teacher. :P

    Have fun blogging! ((This is Blire, by the way.))