Thursday, October 23, 2008

My first post!!

Ok, here is my first post:

what am I supposed to put here? just miscellaneous junk?

well I'm passing micro Econ with out even trying, I'm doing well in chemistry, and typing, and I finally seem to be getting a grasp on Bio.  (all these are college level classes)

I saw the new episode of heroes (the one that came out on monday, yes, I'm slow).  I knew Hiro wouldn't kill Ando, though with peter loosing his powers, and Gabriel and Mrs. Petrelli in commas, I'm thinking that Hiro, Matt, Daphne, and that 'fear to strength guy' are going to have to step up and take out Petrelli Sr. (though Claire and HRG will have to help).


  1. Hey SoS, nice blog! Miscellaneous junk works =)

    I don't watch heroes. I think I'm just never home when it's on.

    You're doing well in Chemistry? Are you any good with Quantum Numbers? Because I could use some help with them. They're confusing me.

  2. This is AG by the way. I wish it would let me edit my post.

    My blog is

  3. thanx, I'll check it out

    I'm never home when heroes is on either... (bio lab goes until 5 on Mondays, and after that I have Jujitsu until 8:30...)

    I watch them on, and then on the nbc page when I got close enough to the last aired episode...

    and this is a intro to chem, so I have yet to do anything (except stoikiometry, or how ever you spell that) that I didn't learn in high school chem. I've not heard of quantum numbers before now... *goes to look them up on wiki*

    oh, those quantum numbers, are you dealing with the spin stuff, or just how far from the nucleus the e- are?